DOC Oltina

Oltina DOC is a wine region situated in South-East Romania, in the sunny historical region of Dobrogea. More exactly, this region lies between the Danube and the Bulgarian border and is outlined by the presence of a natural paradise. A natural heaven that consists of ponds full of fish, a huge variety of birds and animals, deciduous forests, land with acacia trees, and households with beehives full of honey. Undoubtedly, this place had to be blessed with the presence of grapevines. And precisely the grapevine element bounded the communities Ostrov, Băneasa, Oltina, and Aliman – forming Oltina DOC – throughout history.

And this is not a random thing, taking into consideration that the Oltina DOC has an excellent climate for the grapevine growth:

  • soil formed of black earth, clay, and loess;
  • altitude between 130 and 200 meters;
  • the vines are planted on the slopes of the Danubian terraces with northern, north-eastern and northwest exposure;
  • temperate-continental climate with an ideal level of humidity, warmth, sun, and rainfall.

2,000 years ago, the Dacians discovered the wine potential of this area. Which is why during the Roman Occupation (107-276 AD) the Sacidava castrum was built, on the land of current settlement Aliman.

However, the potential of the vineyards from Oltina DOC was discovered almost by chance by the renowned French winemaker, Marc Dworkin. Especially because in the place where the first vines were to be planted, there were cornfields. Despite this, the inspiration and intuition were providential for the French winemaker from the beginning. And so, in 2006, in Aliman the Alira boutique winery was established.

The Alira wines are inspired by the Bordeaux style of winemaking focused on creating aromatic red wines, with a velvety texture and a good tannic structure. Therefore, only grapes harvested by hand are used. Also, the grapes have to be overripe until the seeds have a brownish color and the taste of walnuts. All the red wines are aged in French oak barriques for a period of 3 to 14 months, depending on the wine collection.

At the demand of dedicated consumers, Alira Winery also produces white and rosé wines that have always delighted the Romanian market.

Through Alira wines, the Oltina DOC becomes a rediscovered wine region which surprises and delights by its picturesque, natural environment and local people.