DOC Lechinţa

(Designation of Origin) is formed from several villages located in the heart of Transylvania, where viticulture and wine production were brought to life in the past years. Located at the base of the Carpathian Mountains, between two rivers, this region, forgotten in the past decades, is beginning to rebuild its status with great, memorable wines.

In this area predominates brown soils and clay-iluvial, rich in calcium and iron. Which are ideal for viticulture, due to:

  • medium texture;
  • moderate acidity;
  • good fertility.
The climate is temperate-continental and the grape ripening is provided by:
  • hot and humid summers, followed by warm autumns;
  • Eastern and Western exposure;
  • Planting the vines at an altitude of 300-500 meters high.
However, what distinguishes Lechinţa Vineyard are the foggy days of late summer and early autumn. They are important because they offer:
  • slow ripening of the grapes;
  • preservation of flavors;
  • maintaining a high level of acidity. 
In a certain realm of Transylvania, the mystery and myths are mingled with the local charm of the village Batoş,Liliac Winery’s birthplace”. Here, the viticulture tradition is very old, dating back to ancient times (IV – V cent BC), as confirmed in the writings of Homer and Herodotus. Subsequently, a new chapter was written in the 12thcentury, when the German colonists arrived in Transylvania, producing a real renaissance in the art of creating wines.

This story is continued to the present by Austrian businessman Alfred Michael Beck. Along with winemaker Rudolf Krizan and a Romanian-Austrian team, they helped the wines from Liliac Winery to make quite a name for themselves.

Cultivated on an area of about 52 hectares, Liliac Wines surprised everyone primarily through innovation. And they achieved this by creating elegant, mature and savory red wines, with a long aftertaste, as nobody ever made before in Lechinţa. Thus, Feteasca Neagră was simply reinvented.

At Liliac Winery, the Fetească “Family” is reunited. Alongside the red variety, there are Fetească Albă and Fetească Regală – white wines with high acidity, light body, floral notes, citrus aromas and great minerality.
“Orange wine” is the winery’s latest surprise. The method consists in obtaining extractive white wine, using the winemaking style for red wines.

Liliac is a young winery that expresses the best part of the terroir from DOC Lechinţa and brings a new and powerful “facet” to the wines of Romania. Grape varieties that one can find here: Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Gris, Fetească Regală, Fetească Albă, Chardonnay.