DOC Recaş

Located in Western Romania, in the Banat region at the border with Serbia, Recaş DOC (Designation of Origin) is the wine-growing area where, according to one of many legends, Bacchus, the God of Wine, was born. Viticulture, in this area, dates back to the Roman occupation of Banat. And in the historical documents, the Recaş Vineyard is officially mentioned for the first time in 1447. Over time, the “temptation” of the vines from Recaş DOC has “seduced” constantly the Swabian (Schwaben) population, Austrians, Hungarians, Serbs or Croats, which colonized the region precisely for its wine potential. The main reason, certainly, were the natural factors which have their contribution in achieving high-quality grapes for making aromatic, unctuous and smooth wines. In other words, terroir:

  • temperate-continental climate with Mediterranean influences;
  • the grapevines have an amphitheatre-like layout;
  • clay soil, with sand and limestone areas and iron­-rich portions;
  • high altitude which varies between 170 and 220 meters.

These elements favor the making of a large variety of wines: red, rosé, white or sparkling wines that express the uniqueness of Recaş DOC. A region, which in 2002, „seduced” this time the Italian business person, Nello Dal Tio.

Curiously, he was lured precisely by the hills of the Petrovaselo village. The village had a population of 300 residents, many of them being Serbs. Its first mention dates from 1359, with the name of „Horvathpeturfalva” („Peter’s Village Croatia„). The legend continues, saying that from the beginning, the village had been inhabited by four families of Serbs, led by Peter and Andrew. Clues to confirm this theory are provided by a document published in 1477, being the first mention of the village name –  „Petrovo Selo” („Peter’s Village„).

The vines from Petro Vaselo are biologically certified, using a „friendly” technique for soil and plants. That means no herbicides are used, but only manure and green fertilizer.

The vines are manually managed and treatments for diseases are reduced to a minimum. The same care is shown in winemaking, a reason why Petro Vaselo is a gravitational winery.

Petro Vaselo Winery’s starting point was planting vines during the 2005-2009 period. The place was chosen wisely, due to the excellent terroir elements of the Recaş DOC.

It’s the perfect example of a young winery in a continuous evolution, which, vintage by vintage, strengthens its own tradition and improves the classic taste of the Recaş DOC wines.