VINARTE is a winery that produces a number of white, rosé and red wines expressing the terroir of three different regions from Romania: Dealu Mare, Sâmbureşti and Mehedinţi. And the latter region has the winery with the largest cultivated surface, 190 hectares of vineyard. Also, the winery is located in the village of Stârmina, in the Southwestern part of Romania, and the wines produced here are classified with the Mehedinţi DOC.

The region is one of the best wine areas in Romania, for its extraordinary potential of cultivating almost every grape variety and constantly experiment new styles of winemaking.

In this respect, at the winery from Stârmina the white wines are very expressive and elegant such as the Cuvée d’Excellence collection which is comprised by two monovarietal labels: Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Also, here is produced one of the emblematic Romanian dessert white wines – Sirena Dunării (in En. “The Mermaid of the Danube”). The winemaking method is inspired by the Sauternes style, by which the grapes are harvested late, already being “touched” by the noble rot. And after the fermentation of the stum, done at a controlled temperature, the wine is matured in French oak barriques for a period of nearly two years. The whole process along with the sugar concentration made Sirena Dunării a memorable wine with rich aromas of candied apricot and honeycomb with a long ageing potential.  

When it comes to red wines, VINARTE produces one of the few red assemblage made from three authentic Romanian grape varieties: Fetească Neagră, Novac and Negru of Drăgăşani. The three varieties are vinified individually and matured in barriques for about six months. After which a pale ruby colored wine is resulted, with a medium body and savory notes of plum, black cherry and spices.

The wine collection from VINARTE is very diverse including labels like Castel Stârmina, Terase Danubiene or Prince Mircea which are emphasizing the terroir of Mehedinţi DOC and the potential to experiment constantly with new varieties and wines.

Brands (Castel Stârmina): Enoteca: Castel Stârmina; Vinarte: Terase Danubiene; Colecţie: Prince Mircea, Nedeea, Cuvée d’Excellence, Sirena Dunării.

Grape Varieties (Castel Stârmina): Tămâioasă Românească, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Novac, Negru of Drăgăşani, Fetească Neagră.

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