Villa Vinèa


Located in the center of Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, Villa Vinèa is a relatively young winery in Romania. Identifying itself with the terroir of Târnave DOC region, the winery from Mica (Mureş County) is a project started in 2006 and officially released in 2012, covering a vineyard surface of 70 hectares. But the story of Villa Vinèa begins in 2001 when the potential of the area was “detected” by businessman and wine enthusiast Heiner Oberrauch. Who successfully “imported” Kerner and Zweigelt grape varieties into the Târnave Vineyard, highly appreciated by the Oberrauch family in their native Tyrol.

The architecture of Villa Vinèa reminds of the old towers from the fortified citadels built in Transylvania during Middle Age. Another characteristic of the winery is the processing of grapes and the wine making in the gravitational wine cellar within the three underground levels.

The white wines produced by Villa Vinèa are elegant, with pleasant acidity and delicate white fruit flavors, typical to the Târnave DOC area, which can easily be compared to the ones from the famous Chablis region. And for their production were chosen both Romanian grape varieties such as Fetească Albă and Fetească Regală, as well as international ones such as Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer or Kerner.

Also, the acclimation of Zweigelt grape variety proved to be an inspiring one, taking into account the rosé wines which are made from it. Rosé wines which have a light body, discrete aromas of rose petals and cherries, with a slightly note of citrus. A grape variety which can also be used in the production of round and velvety red wines, in which are predominant the aromas of red fruits. Alongside, for the making of red wines are also used international varieties such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, or the native Fetească Neagră.

The “gem” of the winery can be considered “Contessa” an aromatic white dessert wine, well-balanced, and with a memorable aftertaste, which is made by processing Muscat Ottonel and Kerner grapes using a special technology.

One of “secrets” of the success for Villa Vinèa wines is Celestino Lucin, which was considered the best winemaker in 2009, and who has already an essential role in the future range of sparkling wines.

Reinventing the past, Villa Vinèa succeeds through its wine collection to continue the wine history from DOC Târnave region by making a link between tradition and innovation.


Brands: Villa Vinèa, Castel Vinum, Terra Negra, Contessa, Diamant, Rubin.

Grape Varieties: Fetească Regală, Fetească Albă, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Kerner, Gewürztraminer, Fetească Neagră, Zweigelt, Merlot, Pinot Noir.


Campaign financed with the participation of the European Union and Romania.