With a simple, delicious freshness

We are talking again about an old Romanian variety, based on the information I found. With a yield of 13-14 tonnes of grapes per hectare, it doesn’t have a high sugar content, therefore it rarely produces wine with more than 12-12,5% abv, even with the new modern technology. The acidity and the freshness are  the backbone of the Francusa, while its aromas are mostly vegetal (grapevine, white flower), sometimes complemented by fruity notes (citrus), when made in clean and modern conditions. I had the opportunity to drink simple but very tasty wines made from this variety, and I hope that over the coming years the people at Cotnari (for now, only they are still making wine from this variety) manage to turn it into a marketable product, because Francusa can be “drank by the pint” but it also goes well with food.

source: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose