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With a simple, delicious freshness We are talking again about an old Romanian variety, based on the information I found. With a yield of 13-14 tonnes of grapes per hectare, it doesn’t have a high sugar content, therefore it rarely produces wine with more than 12-12,5% abv, even with the new modern technology. The acidity […]


From the Dacians to the 70’s selection The online wine literature mentions the pre-Roman origin of this variety grown in the Dragasani area. The variety seems to have improved in this same place in the 7th decade of the 20th century, allowing it to pollinate without having to be planted with another local variety, Gordana […]

Busuioaca de Bohotin

Never ceases to amaze Also part of the international Muscat family, Busuioaca consolidated its “de Bohotin” name to such extent that, although there is no evidence that it is an indigenous variety, people came to consider it one. It is appreciated and drank with such frequency that it “becomes Romanian”. The variety is found mostly […]

Grasa de Cotnari

Great past, greater futur White variety documented in the area since the age of Stefan the Great, this is a “transplant” from Hungary (from the Furmint family) that is currently enjoying its second youth and has chances to become a future bestseller: a very good structure, the region-specific acidity, the pleasant aromas reminiscent of white […]


Part of the national DNA A long way from Romania the origins of this Muscat, but how fervently it is drank in our country! This – and its undeniable tradition in Moldova – made it one of the most popular domestic wines. Because its aromas (acacia flowers, rose, honeycomb) are best suited to a semi-sweet […]

Zghihara de Huși / Galbena de Odobesti

The origin of this variety born before the phylloxera epidemic is made obvious by the name (although it is known under the two distinct names above). It is a variety which I bet could set a new trend. Cultivated and fermented with great responsibility in its native region, even when a large yield is pursued […]

Feteasca regală

The modern sovereign For a variety believed no further than last year to be less than a century old (it was believed to have appeared only in the third decade of the previous century, in Transylvania, as a breed between Grasa de Cotnari and Feteasca alba – but the latest research shows that not the […]

Feteasca albă

Distinction through finesse Another indigenous variety from Moldova (born, no doubt, before the phylloxera epidemic), which today can be found in all Romanian wine growing regions and in several neighbouring countries. Based on my sources, it is still uncertain whether is originates in a mutation of Feteasca neagra or the other way around – what […]

Negru de Drăgășani

The last, but not the least The title “de Dragasani” leads many to believe that this is an ancient variety, but it was acknowledged as recently as 1993 as a breed between two other varieties, now rarely seen, Negru Vartos (vigorous black) and Saperavi (some sources however mention Novac or even Babeasca neagra, which is […]


The offspring of Negrul vartos and Saperavi The creator of this variety is, based on all the testimonies published so far that I have read, the researcher Mircea Marculescu, who has obtained it at the Dragasani Winegrowing Research Institute in 1987, from Negru vartos (vigorous black) and Saperavi. It delivers strong, very productive wines, with […]