Feteasca albă

Distinction through finesse

Another indigenous variety from Moldova (born, no doubt, before the phylloxera epidemic), which today can be found in all Romanian wine growing regions and in several neighbouring countries. Based on my sources, it is still uncertain whether is originates in a mutation of Feteasca neagra or the other way around – what is certain is that vineyards where this variety is grown are more widely spread in our country – around 10,000 de hectares (i.e. a little over 11% of the total, according to available official data). Wines made from Feteasca alba have a natural gentle freshness and are distinguished by their delicate aroma in the early days (white flowers, grapevine flowers, citrus), and even peach, hay or honey after aging three or four years.

source: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose