Negru de Drăgășani

The last, but not the least

The title “de Dragasani” leads many to believe that this is an ancient variety, but it was acknowledged as recently as 1993 as a breed between two other varieties, now rarely seen, Negru Vartos (vigorous black) and Saperavi (some sources however mention Novac or even Babeasca neagra, which is contradicted by the direct testimony of local experts). Even though it barely counts several dozen hectares across the country, its aromas (the more obvious being dark berries), its soft tannins and its expressive character, together with a beautiful evolution in the bottle, herald it as a variety with a great future in the Romanian oenology. Even if it is “de Dragășani” (from Dragasani), this dark wine feels at home in Dealu Mare, where it already fathered an emblematic wine that has yet to be surpassed. Certainly, a variety worth revisiting! I think it could overthrow Feteasca neagra as flagship, if it had a more widespread cultivation and if it were subject to more experiments.

source: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose