Busuioaca de Bohotin

Never ceases to amaze

Also part of the international Muscat family, Busuioaca consolidated its “de Bohotin” name to such extent that, although there is no evidence that it is an indigenous variety, people came to consider it one. It is appreciated and drank with such frequency that it “becomes Romanian”. The variety is found mostly in the Romanian Moldova and in Dealu Mare. Its good acidity and its intense rose, basil and wild strawberry aromas encouraged the oenologists for a long time to only offer the semi-sweet and sweet wines made of this variety. This has changed during the last decade, when more and more dry and semi-dry “busuioaca” wines (which I personally prefer) appeared. I am always delighted by the amazement of those who drink this variety for the first time.

Quelle: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose