Grasa de Cotnari

Great past, greater futur

White variety documented in the area since the age of Stefan the Great, this is a “transplant” from Hungary (from the Furmint family) that is currently enjoying its second youth and has chances to become a future bestseller: a very good structure, the region-specific acidity, the pleasant aromas reminiscent of white flowers, quince, and as it ages, honeycomb, are this wine’s strengths. The matter of how Romanian this wine is remains debatable – and debated – whether its origin is an “indigenous” variety or the “Furmint” from Tokaji, what is certain is the the Grasa is closely associated with the name Cotnari (although also cultivated in Pietroasele), where it produces wines with a personality distinct from the Hungarian Furmints, and the emotional connection between this variety and the people of Romania is an old and sturdy one. In the years when it is exposed to noble rot, it develops sensational aroma characteristics.

source: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose