Zghihara de Huși / Galbena de Odobesti

The origin of this variety born before the phylloxera epidemic is made obvious by the name (although it is known under the two distinct names above). It is a variety which I bet could set a new trend. Cultivated and fermented with great responsibility in its native region, even when a large yield is pursued (15-20 tonnes/ha) it is distinguished from any other variety by its  mouthwatering – practically vibrant, even rough – acidity, and by its lightness “inviting” you to drink it. Until an ambitious oenologist proves otherwise, “zghihara” is excellent when young – by itself or paired with various light meals. Green apples and sorrel are some of the aromas of this otherwise neutral variety. It seems “more primitive”, but I know many (including myself) that irredeemably fell in love with its extraordinary joviality.

source: Cezar Ioan – Connaisseur fara ifose