DOC Dragasani

Drăgăşani DOC (Designation of Origin) area is one of the oldest and most notorious vineyard from Oltenia region. Located in South-West part of Romania, Drăgăşani Vineyard extends for a length of over 50 km and is situated near the Olt River, at the foot of the Getic Subcarpathians.

The legend of this region dates back to the reign of Burebista, the first known Dacian King (84 BC – 44 BC), and starts with a beautiful love story between his daughter, Bagrina, and the fearless Dacian warrior, Gordan. A story that was to achieve immortality through the “baptism” of two grape varieties named after our heroes – Braghină and Gordan. Obviously, the wine-making tradition that begun during the Dacians was destined to last for centuries.
The Drăgăşani Vineyard is first officially mentioned in the 16th and 17th centuries, during the reign of Mihai Viteazul (in Eng. Prince Michael the Brave) (1593-1601). A ruler who, in recognition for the wines produced by the monasteries from Drăgăşani, offered them many donations.
Subsequently, we kept the indigenous grape varieties and also grapevines were replanted by bringing international varieties which found the ideal natural factors, called terroir. And it was proven that the terroir of Drăgăşani DOC is ideal for viticulture thanks to the following elements:

  • temperate-continental climate with cold winters and hot summers, with a slight Mediterranean influence;
  • reddish-brown soils with portions of clay, shale, and sands;
  • high altitude: 193 – 463 m;
  • average annual temperature (11.3°C), moderate rainfall, along with sun exposure during the growing season.

Currently, one of the producers of Drăgăşani DOC oriented in making high-quality wines and in the rebirth of traditions is AVINCIS. Vila Dobrușa estate comprises the manor, the AVINCIS winery, 40 hectares of vineyards, several hectares of forestland and the landscaping arrangement.

AVINCIS is the symbol of rebirth for the Romanian wine, under the sign of tradition and modernity.

AVINCIS is the continuation of a family story with passion for wines, which started as early as 1927. Back then, Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu, an appointed officer of the Romanian army by Ionel Brătianu, have bought in Drăgășani a manor in the pure Neo-Romanian style, inspired by the architecture of Brâncovenesc edifices, surrounded by vineyards.

In 2007, their great-granddaughter, Cristiana, together with her husband, Valeriu Stoica, returned to the family estate and had the revelation of the vineyard’s miracle, of the wines and the place’s traditions.

Drăgășani has all the prerequisites of a registered designation, in the French fashion. The Drăgășani Vineyard has always produced fine white wines with good acidity, like the local Crâmpoşie. The red wines from the region, produced chiefly from Cabernet Sauvignon and the local variety Negru de Drăgășani, also enjoy national and international appreciation. These grape varieties gave prestige to the Drăgăşani DOC, where what is happening today represents a new chapter in the Romanian wine history.