AVINCIS, Cuvée Andrei

AVINCIS, Cuvée Andrei, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011, dry, ABV 13.5%

Aged for 14 months in oak barriques, Cuvée Andrei is a classic example of a complex, round, well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon with a good tannic structure and ageing potential. It is characterized by a deep ruby color and a complex nose of cloves, anise, and black currants. The wine is full-bodied, with an excellent balance between alcohol, tannins, acidity and aromas. Also, the wine is very flavorful in taste with aromas of dark chocolate, bitter cherries, black berries, blue berries, and black tea. The aftertaste of the wine is long, persistent, with complex final notes of coffee, oak shell, and vanilla. It is recommended to decant the wine for at least one hour before consumption.

Serving temperature: 18° (64°F).

Food pairing: grilled lamb chops and vegetables, risotto with black rice and black truffles, or with the food that you like.

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